Frequently Asked Questions

Still interested?

Contact us! You can talk to the rowers at school, all are very open to newcomers and want to help you join. Or, you can check the website for parent meetings and other functions to come and meet the rowers, parents, coach, and Board members. We will also be available at Lyman’s Club Night. If you have any questions you can contact us as well. Hope to see you soon!

Who can join LRA and how?

As a scholastic team of the Florida State Rowing Association, all academically and physically eligible students at Lyman High School are welcome to come out for the high school team. Any home school student who is zoned for Lyman HS is also eligible.  Our middle school team runs as a club sport; therefore, any middle school students that are academically and physically eligible may join the middle school team regardless of zoned high school.  Dates for all meetings and forms for joining will be posted and made available here on the website.

What is Crew?

Rowing is a sport where team members (the Crew) row a lightweight boat, called a shell, as fast as it will go. At LRA, either four or eight rowers, each with a single oar, power a shell, which is steered by a coxswain (pronounced cox'n).

Success is measured not by the ability of one or two superstars, but by the willingness of everyone in the boat to work hard and in unison. Learning to make a boat go fast takes time, dedicated training, and both physical and mental discipline.

As a parent once put it, "The beauty of Crew is that you do not have to be a behemoth or 'natural athlete' to excel. It is a sport where dedicated training, good coaching, and teamwork all come together. Balance and precision are much more valuable than brute strength.  It is great opportunity for college scholarships. And finally, it is a beautiful sport to watch. A bunch of healthy and happy kids who are proud of what they are doing is wonderful to see. And it is a 'sport for life'. Once it is in your blood, either as a Crew member or a parent, it does not go away."

What is the first year like?

As a novice, rowers will spend time learning the fundamentals of the sport - terminology, how to carry and care for the equipment, and of course, how to row.  Rowers will quickly learn tie management skills to be sure to prioritize school, homework, practice, and family/social life.

What are the practices and races like?

Crew is a full year sport running from August through May and split into a fall and spring seasons. During the fall season, the focus is on developing cardiovascular fitness and increasing strength and endurance, while continuing to make technical improvement.  The races, regattas, of the fall season are called Head Races.  Head races are a time-trial competition on a 5K course for high school and 2K course for middle school. 

The spring season is our primary competitive season. As such, practice time is geared to technical refinement and specific race preparation. Competitions begin in January and continue through May, with practices held weekday afternoons and some Saturdays and competitions held most Saturdays throughout the spring season.  Spring season regattas are called sprint races.  Boats race side by side on a 1500m course for high school and 1000M course for middle school.  This style of racing is what you want during the Olympics.

What is LRA?

Lyman Rowing Association was started as a small rowing team in 2005 as a club sport at Lyman High School.  We have grown throughout the years and now not only run a successful, but a powerful middle school team.  The 2018-2019 season will be the inaugural year that our middle school team is officially a subsidiary of LRA called Seminole County Rowing.

As a club sport at Lyman High School, the team members provide the financial support for the team and its activities (racing, travel, purchasing equipment, coaching, etc.) by way of dues, fundraising and community, corporate and individual donations.  LRA receives no funding from Lyman HS or Seminole County Public Schools;

LRA is a non-profit 501c3 tax exempt organization made up of rowers, parents, and coaches.  As a 501c3 organization under the IRS codes set forth for charitable organizations we are allowed and will provide each sponsor with a (tax deductible) letter of support noting their generous donation to the athletes of Lyman Rowing Association.