Lyman Rowing

Hi LRA Families,
Our Yankee Candle Fundraiser ends March 7th. All orders and monies are due at are next general meeting on March 7th. All checks or money orders are to be made out to LRA.
This is a big money making fundraiser for us since 40% of every sale goes to us.
Selling online or via the mobile app is a great option. Visit and click on the "Seller Login" button. Fill out the "Sign up to be a seller" form. Use Group number 990088088 to complete the process. Now you can sell across the country. This is an easy way to invite family and friends to shop online! Items they order will be delivered directly to them. Sell to relatives, friends, neighbors, parents' co-workers.
Ayesha Walke



Dr. & Mrs. Brint

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